Building your brand.


One of the most obvious reasons a company or organisation needs branding is to make them more recognisable. If your business has a strong identity, people will naturally pay more attention to it than a business without it.

An organisation without decent branding will not be remembered for very long…

Your business will be more memorable with things like a distinctive logo, eye-catching colors, and other visual elements. Someone may only see your brand for a brief moment, but if your branding is on point, they will remember your brand. 

Hear your audience.

Your target group consists of people who want or need your product or service and who are willing or are able to pay for it. It is a specific demographic group in society defined by age, gender, place of residence, education, occupation, income, marital status and other social factors.

Brand design is paramount to reach this group. You would not put your money in a bank with a logo consisting of the same font and colors like a toy store, would you?

A great branding strategy requires research into who these people are and how you can shape your brand around their preferences.

Logo design.

Let’s be clear: your logo is not your brand. Your brand is the combination of people’s experience, perception and reputation of your services or products. Nonetheless, your logo is important to your business because it conveys quality, and values. It is printed on your products, flyers and business card. It takes a prominent place on your your website and social media channels and — most importantly  — in the minds of your customers.

Graphic Design.

Beauty is attractive. And so good graphic design provides beauty that attracts your target audience. But advertising isn’t just about beauty.

If someone sees a flyer, social media post, website, etc. for a very short time, then good design can grab attention. If you can’t grab attention in a split second, then the message gets lost. A well-designed piece of marketing — wether online or offline — helps people understand your message clearly, but it’s the eye-catching graphics that appeal.


Your website is one of the most important aspects of your brand’s online presence, and it’s important to design it well. Your website is often the first point of contact and it needs to translate your identity strongly.

"Good design goes to heaven.
Bad design goes everywhere."

The inner voice

Tone of voice is not what you say, but how you say it. This includes not only the words you choose, but also their order, rhythm, and tempo. Presenting phrases in your audience’s “slang” is key to reach out to them and keeping them interested.

When people  start reading your message with their inner voice, that’s a WIN. Your message then evokes emotion. Smartly written copy can also provide a platform to tell your story in a fun and engaging way – oh so heavenly!

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